Our Vision

To inspire knowledge and skills acquisition to engender employability and self-development for the workforce

Our Mission

Engage, Enhance, Enable

  • Engage our learners through innovative curated learning journeys, to
  • Enhance their ability to perform better and more productively, to
  • Enable their personal growth and their employers' success

Our Values

To foster a happy work environment, in all our thoughts, words and actions we shall practise:

  • Gentle Heart – Practise forbearance, Be caring and Be mindful
  • Respect – Be graceful, Be appreciative and Be considerate
  • Integrity – Do the right thing, Own it and Be supportive

Our Culture - The Way We Work

This is how we shall work individually and together to achieve our business goals:

  • Mastery – Be a Lifelong Learner, Be innovative & Creative and Be open.
  • Inter-dependence – Be collaborative, Be harmonious & Be humble.
  • Resilience– I’m possible, Persevere & Be courageous.