Diploma in Business Management


Professionals with the ability to influence how organisations perform are in high demand in today's fiercely competitive, digitalised, and networked world. With the help of the Diploma in Business Management, learners (students) will gain a solid foundation in business, a cutting edge understanding of digital skills and related management skills adapted to the requirements of the digital world, and a holistic perspective. It will also assist learners (students) in cultivating an entrepreneurial attitude.


1. Business Finance
It is fundamental that business owners require their managers to comprehend the financial decision-making. To do that, the latter should become familiar with the basic configurations a firm might choose and the objective of the finance, which is to achieve financial sustainable and the business’ financial health. This module ays down the knowledge on financial statements and how to use financial analysis methods to assess a company's financial stability. One will be given the opportunity to investigate ways to invest money over time to generate values using various emerging FinTech applications.

2. Digital Skills and Professional Development
The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic require that professionals and executives adapt to the current business environment. The radically changing business conditions require company managers to develop and employ the intangible qualities and attitudes in handling problems and conflicts, now more than ever. The learners (students)will have the chance to develop basic professional "soft" skills like critical thinking, negotiation, communication, and team building to meet present and future organisational requirements.

3. Economics and Business Perspectives
Businesses integrate cross-disciplinary knowledge with practical skills to differentiate themselves from the competition. Executives and managers need to understand contemporary issues confronting business from a range of disciplines and stakeholder perspectives and its environments. In this module, the learners (students) will gain a better exposure to the many issues that executives, business managers, and organisations are confronted with. In additional, there are opportunities for learners (students) to learn about the critical skills and technology required to succeed as a manager and leader in the modern business world.

4. Human Resource Management
It has been said that employees are the best assets that a company should nurture. It is therefore mandatory for business executives and managers to master a practical knowledge of business and human resource best practices and policies. The current state of the HRM profession, and the international framework for HRM, are analysed critically. In this module, learners(students) are expected to gain the ability to analyse organizational-wide challenges and concerns related to human resource management.

5. Infocomm Technology and Innovation
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Innovation has altered how businesses operate internally and the structure of their markets. As a result, all business personnel must be familiar with the foundations of information systems, digital technology, and their impact on the organisation's functional domains. This module examines the modern corporate environment and the ways in which technology is interwoven into business, government, and community processes.

6. Fundamental Marketing Management
In any event, everyone in a firm needs to be aware of its marketplace operations because they are all directly responsible for finding, connecting with, and satisfying customers. This module provides a thorough introduction to the role marketing plays within organisations, including fundamental marketing principles, practices, and strategies. The module Is designed to provide learners(students)with essential knowledge of the marketing theory and how the internal and external market environments impact the strategy formulation and execution of a significant proportion of economic activity in developed and less developed economies around the world. Learners (students) are given the opportunity to be familiar with the marketing funnel, its stages, and delivery. They will be able to put essential marketing principles into practice in a real-world situation.

Who Should Attend?

• Company-funded employees who are required to upskill to support the work functions at the workplace.
• Individual who is seeking a course to upskills for a career progression or employability.
• School graduates looking to progress into a higher learning education.

Entry Requirement

• 17 years old
• Attainment of IELTS 5.0 or equivalent, or
• A pass in ASCENSUS INSTITUTE’s English Literacy Test with a minimum grade of 60%.

Normal Entry:
• Completed NITEC, or
• Higher NITEC, or
• At least 1 pass with a minimum C6 for GCE ‘O’ Level, or
• Completion of High School (9th year) qualification or equivalent for International Students

Alternative Entry:
Applicants with the minimum age of 30, who do not possess the above qualifications but have a minimum of 8 years working experience, may be considered for entry into this course.

Evidence of previous employment will need to be provided, together with a reference from the current or recent employer (on letter-headed paper).

Mode of Delivery Blended: (Face-to-face and eLearning)
Assessment Framework Combination of Formative and Summative Assessments
Graduation Requirement and Award

ASCENSUS INSTITUTE awards will be conferred upon successful completion of the course that obtained a minimum pass with a ‘C-’ grade in all the required modules.


Full-time: 9 months

Part-time: 12 months

Teacher : Student Ratio - 1 : 40
Possible Progression

Upon successful completion of the course, learners (students) can progress into the ASCENSUS INSTITUTE's Advanced Diploma in Business Management.




Non-refundable Application Fee: S$218 w/GST (S$200 w/o GST)

Course Fee: S$5,668 w/GST (S$5,200 w/o GST)

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