ASCENSUS INSTITUTE, formerly known as AAARYA Business College, is where our students begin their lifelong learning journey. Our students are exposed to the drive towards attaining a learning mindset that enhances their knowledge, skills and attitude.

ASCENSUS INSTITUTE is committed towards providing quality services and courses by experienced and dedicated educators. We believe in nurturing every student and creating opportunities for career development. The learning you will receive is intended to provide you with skills and knowledge that will enable the realization of your learning goals.

At ASCENSUS INSTITUTE, we consistently encourage and guide our students in achieving vocational, academic and social skills applicable in their future endeavors. We aim to create a conducive learning environment through committed staff, low teacher:student ratio of 1 : 20 and up-to-date facilities and equipment.

On behalf of ASCENSUS INSTITUTE's Board of Directors, welcome to the beginning of learning journey to success.

Best wishes
Khiryati Bte Kairi