Application Procedures 

Step 1: Pre-Course Counselling

All prospective students are encouraged to contact our appointed Recruitment Agents for a pre-course counselling session if they would like to enroll for a course with ASCENSUS INSTITUTE, formerly known as AAARYA Business College. The purpose of this session is for the School to match the education needs of prospective students with suitable courses provided by the School.

Step 2: Application Submission

Please complete the Student Application Form and include the following supporting documents:

  • 1 recent passport-sized photographs of applicant (if applicable)
  • I photocopy of Work permit (if applicable)
  • Certified True Copies of highest educational certificates and/or transcripts

Students are required to pay an application fee of S$200 which is non-refundable and non-transferable (where applicable)

Step 3: Application Evaluation

ASCENSUS INSTITUTE will process and evaluate all Applications to ensure that the entry requirements have been met and acceptance is subjected to approval. Upon approval of the application, the student will receive an official “Notice of Acceptance” (if applicable). Applicants who are unsuccessful will also be notified.

Step 4: Acceptance of Offer

Applicants who wish to proceed with their Application will have to complete the following before the Commencement of their course:

  • Signed and completed copy of the Advisory Note (Form 12)
  • Signed and completed copy of the Standard PEI Student Contract
  • Prospective students should be aware of the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) and the Refund Policy as contained in the Standard PEI-Student contract.

All new students will be required to go through an Orientation Programme.

Should you need any clarification, kindly write to

Step 5: Application of Student Pass

International students who are required to apply for a student pass should refer to the following website for details:

Please note:

  • all Student Pass applications are subject to approval by Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA).
  • the School may charge additional administrative fees, where applicable. This is addition to the Student's Pass application fees charged by ICA.

Modes of payment :


2. PayNow

3. Flywire

4. SkillsFuture Credit (For Approved Courses ONLY)

5. Internet Banking/TT Remittance: Students and School bear their own bank charges

6. Cheque payable to School